About Us

What if you had a patio you could be proud of? Or an outdoor fireplace that was the cornerstone of every family gathering? Or a pool that looked like it should be in a coastal magazine, not in your Kansas City backyard.

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve delivered families like yours for over 20 years. Some say we’re in the construction business or even more specifically that we’re a hardscape company.

We won’t argue the technical terms, but our company is far more than that.

We transform your outdoor living space from mundane to magnificent.

Most people daydream about a down-the-road possibility:

  • One day, we’ll install that outdoor kitchen
  • Someday, we’ll get to that patio project
  • I’d really love to do something with that unused space in the backyard

But the clients we work with take action on their dreams and allow us to bring those to reality.

Every plan we draw, every project we complete, every patio we lay is performed through the lens of bringing your dream to reality.

Our team of 40+ are here to serve at every point in the process from dream to design to installation.

We’re even known to have a beer (or two) with you in celebration of your new outdoor space.

So whatever the dream is, give us a call. We’re in the business of turning dreams into a reality you can enjoy.

It’s what we’ve done for over 20 years.